As I'll share with you in the very next post, having clarity of purpose is the starting point for any workshop.  Consistent with this principle I wanted to share with you our intent and our ambition for this blog.  

Perhaps the first thing to say is that although I enjoy writing, blog writing is not a habit I've developed just yet (does twitter count?).  Alas, inspired by Austin Kleon our ambition here is to regularly 'show our work' here in a way that is hopefully useful for you!  One hypothesis we have about facilitating this regular sharing is having a consistent structure for our blog posts.  What we're starting with is a simple structure which we use for introducing activities in our workshops: What, Why and How.  So in the context of this blog, 'What is the idea?', 'Why is it important?' and 'How do you do it in practice?'.  This is the theory anyway, maybe a better structure will reveal itself in the course of time. Any ideas?    

So what will we be sharing?  We'll be revealing the behind the scenes of our workshop design, preparation and facilitation as well as key insights and learnings, sources of inspiration and anything else which we think helps short-cut your move up the learning curve on your facilitation journey.  

Oh and another concept you'll hear us talk about a lot is 'iteration' in design and collaboration work.  It is our intent that these blog posts will be iterated based on your feedback and also on our own habit of iterating our work based on feedback and new ideas. Consistent with this theme of iteration, one thing you'll notice, and which I'm curious and excited to try, is that rather than drip feeding posts once they're done I'm releasing the topics and outlines upfront.  My intention is that each week I'll complete one post and then share this as an update.  I'm trying this for three reasons.  Firstly, I'm impatient!  Secondly, so you can see what's coming.  Thirdly, because you can see what's coming it keeps the pressure on for me to complete the posts!  I'd love to hear what you think about this idea (:

Great to have you here and we look forward to your comments, to your feedback about how you've been able to apply some of what you're reading. and to any requests for our thinking on specific topics.

Happy reading!

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