Image credits

Banner images on 'Start Here' page are courtesy of Eric Boudville at UNSW and were taken during a 2-day event that was designed and facilitated by WhereToFromHere.

Banner image on 'Starter Blog' were taken during a leadership session for RMIT University which was designed and facilitated with Collabforge.

Banner image on 'Starter Stories' was scribed by Devon Bunce during a Department of Employment session which was designed and facilitated with Collabforge.

Good people and organisations

John's family: Natalia, Alessia and Lena

Jules' family: Hannah and Aoefa

Collabforge: Mark Elliott, Hailey Cooperrider, Rebecca Dahl, Matt Withoos

Code for Australia: Alvaro Maz

Dialogic Learning: Tom Barrett

Aurecon: Jacob Lindsay, Rebecca Stapleton

ANZ: Carole Alt

Elisabeth 'Ella' Agren

WhereToFromHere: Charles Collingwood-Boots, Phillippe Coullomb

Matt and Gail Taylor

...this list is still growing!