Workshop design & facilitation

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Workshop design & facilitation


Sometimes you just need someone to lead the actual design & facilitation of your workshop for you, so you can focus on other things related to the session or the broader context surrounding it. 

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Standard pricing:

  • 1/2 day workshop: $4,500 (ex GST)

  • 1-day workshop: $6,500 (ex GST)

  • 2-day workshop: $9,500 (ex GST)

These prices are subject to change based on our initial scoping discussion


  • Venue and catering search

  • Procuring workshop equipment and supplies

  • Invitations to participants

  • Travel and expenses (to be agreed beforehand and invoiced afterwards)

  • Development of longer workshop documentation and reporting (if required, can be scoped and budgeted beforehand)


  • Co-design meetings and calls with you and your team to define scope, context, purpose as well as planning content, participants and logistics

  • Designing the detailed workshop agenda and developing any instructional content

  • Setting up the workshop space with support from your team

  • Facilitating the workshop

  • Capturing and sharing workshop outputs

  • A workshop debrief meeting or call. If required, a 2-page workshop summary.


This is a request form only. Once we have agreed to the terms of our engagement, the workshop will be invoiced, generally on the following schedule

Upfront: 25%

Completion of workshop design & prep: 45%

Completion of workshop: 30%