I had the good fortune to be invited to co-author a book on co-design and facilitation with WhereToFromHere (WTFH). When co-founder Philippe Coullomb invited me I jumped at the opportunity. Not only did this align with my personal mission to help people develop their own codesign and facilitation capacity by sharing what I've learned, it was also another terrific opportunity to further cultivate our collaboration with WTFH.

As part of a client engagement last year, WTFH had already written the first 100 pages, articulated in 4 chapters (Sponsor process, co-design, front facilitation, tools library) and this first version had been very well received by the 20 or so people that got a copy. Many people had asked them for a copy so they finally decided to make it better and take it to market.  In particular, they want to make it even more accessible to beginners and to include more case studies and practical tips. It’s important to note that although the book has a heavy MG Taylor flavour, it’s not an MG Taylor handbook.

WTFH could've done this by themselves – they have enough knowledge and experience after all – but they truly believe that there is an opportunity here to engage with the codesign and facilitation community and allow more people than just us to collaborate on this initiative. For that reason, they decided to open the second iteration to the community and to co-design the final product.

I had a really great experience over two days, hanging out and working hard, at WTFH's Pyrmont base, WeWork.  It goes without saying that we had all the elements in place to support our work: the right content, the right people, the right process and the right environment.  Work is continuing on adding to, refining and synthesising content and on designing layout and format.  Once ready, the book will be available on Amazon.  Stay tuned, we will keep you updated! 


Making the content visual and tactile really contributed strongly to the experience, the process and out output.