Thank you very much for facilitating an excellent session yesterday. I feel like it was a very good use of my time. I truly appreciate the effort that went into creating such a fluid and engaging session!
I loved the ‘meta moments’: when you explained or discussed your strategy or rationale for different processes and also demonstrated your decision making in real-time. The activities seemed really well designed and meaningful/ purposeful.

I have to say, I so nearly cancelled my attendance at this workshop as there were emerging issues at work – but SO VERY glad I didn’t. The day really was a great experience and I found the practice and tools immediately useful. In fact although I had to leave early - I walked straight into a workshop session where I could utilise some of these approaches.

The Facilitation Starter session was a terrific format/experience and learning from the other’s at the table really added to the day.

There’s definitely more people in my organisation that could benefit from being part of a future session – in the mean time I will endeavour to apply the practice.

Thanks again and look forward to staying in touch.

I loved the collaborative approach to the session. I think you did a fantastic job of engaging with all of us and getting everyone involved. The content was perfect for what I needed having spent time facilitating but with nor formal training or guidance. I also think you did a nice job mixing experience with reflection so we could learn by doing but also reflect on how and why you decided to do specific things
Thank you so much for a great day. I also want to thank you for your generosity in all that you have provided both during the many useful tools.

My outcomes for the day were several
· Be a participant and have some empathy for being “facilitated”, or being worked through process.
· To see skilled and experienced facilitators in action
· Pick up some tools/techniques
· Hang out with cool people

They all get a big tick, so again…thank you